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a pair of earrings that are on top of a piece of paper with colored paint
Minimalist dark blue and pink hoop earrings
a pair of green earrings is held in someone's hand with the other hand
Selah- Organic Hoop Earrings
several orange and white earrings sitting on top of a wooden table next to some feathers
Orange and stripes 24kt gold plated hoops polymer clay statement earrings
Handmade unique polymer clay earrings. A stunning combination of orange and with nautical wavey stripes, these earrings are inspired by beach days , summer time and the French Riviera. Finished with 15mm 24kt gold plated hoop, they are both classy and fun. To ensure a long life for your earrings, please make sure you open and close the hoop with care. The gold-plated thin hoops are delicate and might lose their shape. They can easily be remodeled back into their shape by gently reshaping them wi
two gray and purple earrings sitting on top of a table
Splash of Summer: Turning Heads with Bright Color Earrings
Handmade lightweight earrings! Kansas City Missouri, Clay Ideas, Dry Clay, Clay Ceramics, Air Dry Clay, Jewelry Tutorials, Polymer Clay Jewelry
Coming the 24TH! You love?
two round earrings with blue and white stripes
Marine - Ciel - Blanc
Des boucles fun et colorées ! Taille: 4,9 x 2,9 cm Matière : Argile polymère Clou d'oreille en acier inoxydable hypoallergénique Fait main en Suisse ❤️
a pair of pink and yellow earrings sitting on top of a piece of paper
Yellow and pink polymer clay dangly earrings
three brooches with designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a card