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Upcycled magnets from old puzzle pieces.

vintage wood puzzle pieces made into magnets this is a great idea for some of our wooden puzzles that are missing pieces

Alternatief prikbord

One of the best ideas I've seen to display my kids' school and art work. Anything that uses clipboards is a plus for me.


Cuadro/perchero IYO wallart/hanger / Kids custom wall art, prints and…

Alle kinderen van de klas krijgen één puzzelstuk om te versieren, achteraf worden ze samen gelegd en vormt de puzzel/klas één geheel.

altered puzzle art - for group. This could be an interesting ice breaker. Have each student decorate their own puzzle piece.

for a child's room

This button sheep wall hanging from Fowl Single File is just too cute. I love the white buttons against the green background, but it needs to be a lighter green for me.

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