leuk spel voor een warme spelletjesdag

This post has a water themed Birthday party including this relay: The first kid starts with a full cup of water, then pours it over his head and the second kid catches it and repeats and they keep doing this to see who can fill up a jar the fastest.

Schildpaddenrace en meer leuke spelletjes!

Outdoor Summer Fun: 30 Ideas for Your Geeklets

Great list for Outdoor Summer Fun. Some new and amazing ideas I haven't seen yet to keep kids busy this summer. Worth a look for the links alone! 30 out of the box ideas (and awesome links to support you in doing them.

Vang de dop. Een spelletje dat heel makkelijk te maken is en daarna veel plezier geeft. Je hebt alleen een fles met dop, een extra dop en wat verf nodig.

Juego cup and ball style traditional school yard playground toy from plastic bottle great kids craft club project

tree house

cubby idea that won't be useless after a few years, something that can attract the teens and adults with the changing of a few components!

DIY Outdoor Game to Get Kids Moving. Tiki Toss will get kids moving too!

32 Fun DIY Backyard Games To Play (for kids & adults!) this has some of the best outdoor ideas I've ever seen. Will be trying ladder bean bag toss and sidewalk/box board game


22 te gekke spelletjes voor buiten voor je kinderfeestje

DIY Boxes + Angry Bird dog toys + homemade sling shot (Y stick and a water ballon launcher secured to a board and platform that the person stands on)= tons of exercise, laughter and fun!

Well-placed yarn is all you need to let your kids get their Mission Impossible on. | 33 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer

DIY :: game for kids :: Tape yarn across a hallway for a "laser obstacle course".-----except for I think this would be an awesome thing to do in a hallway!

Probeer zoveel mogelijk smarties op te zuigen met een rietje en in de beker te laten vallen.

Probeer zoveel mogelijk smarties op te zuigen met een rietje en in de beker te laten vallen.

Spijkerpoepen is een hilarisch spelletje voor een kinderfeestje. Ontdek hier de spelbeschrijving en spelregels.

This game is called 'spijkerpoepen' and is played on Dutch children's parties.

playscapes: great ideas for outdoor spaces for the kids!

playscapes: Kiwanis Park, Paul Horne, Pittsboro, North Carolina, 2009 - I'd love to do this in a field

Fun games for the kids to do with friends at a sleepover.

18 get-off-the-couch games. Great Ideas for those days you are stuck inside. Perfect for classroom party days. Active games for participation, not necessarily a winner.