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a hand drawn diagram shows how to use the chasm as an instructional tool for students
Sketchplanations - A weekly explanation in a sketch
Understanding the Chasm. Cheat sheet for Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore
the fake ux and real ux are written in different colors with arrows pointing to each other
Doing *Real* User Experience Work
six hexagons with the words innovation and what they mean them to be
Educating in the 21st Century [Shift Happens!]
Prachtige vragen om innovatie aan te jagen...
a diagram showing how to use the innovation process
business model generation vision canvas - Google Search
the cover of an article about future technologies
IMAGE/ABILITY. Week 5: Re-style week 4. The diagram illustrates the elements that constitute futures studies: (i) The timeline displays the "future" as a complex moment in time. (ii) It is divided into time frames, e.g. the near and speculative future (Sanders & Stappers, 2014), to facilitate the analysis. (iii) The later is split into four alternative futures (Voros, 2003. (iv) Different futures technique are available to envision the preferable futures.
a poster with the words 10 minutes to let your mind wander who knows where it might lead?
Printable Guided Journal Pages — Christie Zimmer
Challenges, Fitness, How To Plan, Dating, Self Help
a black and white diagram with arrows pointing to the words from the ideal to the real
𝑲𝑬𝑰𝑭𝑬𝑹 (@keifrrr) / Twitter
the business model canvas is shown in green and white colors, with text on it
Canvas Collection II – A list of visual templates
Service Canvas Spotify
four blue squares with words on them that say, i still don't see the point to project x
Use this exercise to solve any Product Design Challenge
Use this exercise to solve any Product Design Challenge
an image of a woman with her hands up and the words here to make you smile
From wireframing applications to designing organizations
Informaat deck, from wireframing to organisation design Value Value Propositions Identity Channel Channel Delivery Positioning Experience transformation optimizing the organizati...
a piece of paper with red writing on it that says vision, why, what, and how
WHY is More Than a 3 Letter Word
Condition for Life | WHY is More Than a 3 Letter Word
several cards with information about different types of clothing on them, including clothes and umbrellas
Want to think like a designer? Try these 4 simple exercises
Want to think like a designer? Try these 4 simple exercises Idee voor "How to explain design thinking".