remember these....

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Turn this over and it made a moo sound! I think I remember this from the church nursery when I was little.

Stuiterballen / bouncing balls #childhood #memories....These things/balls use to fly high !!! Boy, did they bounce or what!!!

These superballs use to fly high ! Boy, did they bounce or what!


In pictures: 25 TV shows that defined the 1980s

"You got big dreams, you want fame. Well fame costs and right here is where you start paying, in sweat!" Fame Original TV Show Theme

Calimero > Henery Hawk

Calimero - Trouver que parfois la vie est vraiment trop injuste/Find that sometimes life is not fair


Mon Chi Chi In honor of my sister. My favorite mon chi chi

Pens with liquid scenes in them. 1980's style. haha so cool better than the plain pens we have now lol

Floaty pens - loved these and was shocked when I went to Canada with Girl Scouts and saw one where a lady's clothes came off when you tipped it.

De briefjes in de tijd van de gulden

Dutch money before the euro called "gulden" guilder . ( so much better then the Euro :)

lik koekjes...

I just to lick all the icing off the cookies first. I guess that is why they call them lik koekjes.

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tv serie North and South (halverwege de jaren '80). Met ' i had the time of my life/dirty dancing' acteur Patrick Swasey. Maar wel een mooie serie over de Amerikaanse burgeroorlog. En prachtigevart direction! Daar bleef ik voor thuis!

John Jake's North & South Miniseries - Orry Main and George Hazard