Het idee van het toilet beneden. De tinten van de zee, van blauw naar groen, met lichte hout, goud en draadstalen items en hexagon.

this would be a super fun project. color-match spectrum of a favorite photo. even more so if the spectrum was also collaged from photos, not just color matched on illustrator. More (COLORS, 210 note)


Kitchen envy ✔️We mostly favour all white.but sometimes we're lured to the dark side! This moody sexy kitchen designed by adoffice.be - Kitchen Today


AD office interieurarchitect - Dark planked oak kitchen in combination with bluestone and brushed aluminium countertop. Pendants by Brokis.

Realisations | Natural Stone | Hullebusch

I like the rack above with the cancels on it. Would be cool to do with cancels that are electric and turn on with a switch!