Paashaas haken

Free Crochet Pattern Easter Bunnies - Decorate your home for Easter with these cute little Easter Bunnies! Pick your favourite colour and get going with the free crochet pattern!

BabbeBora: eiermutsen haken + patroon

BabbeBora: eiermutsen haken + patroon - striped egg hats with pompom

Crochet Easter Place Setting | #crochet #Easter #pattern #placesetting #decor

Crochet Easter Place Setting

Easter Place Setting - I am so excited to set my table this Easter! I made a bunch of crochet Easter place settings and just love how they came out! I had so much fun decorating each one. These would even be great as coasters too!

Grietjekarwietje: Haakpatroon: Bertje het kuiken

Direct link to free pattern - use translator/copy-paste pattern info to Notepad for easy access .Grietjekarwietje: Haakpatroon: Bertje het kuiken - use translate