#DIY Tissue Paper Flower Garland

tissue paper flower garland

Pom-Pom Balloons Tutorial - Easy peasy! | designimprovised.com

Pom-Pom Balloons!

These whimsical and colorful pom pom balloons are perfect for a gumball birthday party! Materials needed: clear balloons, pom poms, and hot glue.

salad in a jar {perfect for lunch}

Salad in a Jar My note: This is a great idea and any type of salad combination will do. The dressing goes in first. Turn it over and let the dressing cover the salad.then open and eat. This idea can be used for work, schools.and even a picnic.

Nice invitation idea for a kids party

Birthday Cards: Printable Candy Necklace Cards Perfect for Birthday Cards or use as a Party invitation. Printable in 4 kid variations at willowday


Birthday Martinis

Dancing Bear Martini: Inspired by the Grateful Dead and garnished with a rainbow skewer of Gummy Bears, this drink is a mix of Svedka Citrus, pomegranate liqueur, limoncello, and a splash of fruit juice.

Lego Men as candle holders

Complete the Lego cake with a series of Lego candle holders – simply Lego men holding birthday candles!

leuk idee voor uitnodiging

to hide in a treat bag meaning they won a bigger prize- gift card- part of a group trip to someplace fun, etc

Washi tape and wrap http://www.petraboase.com

awesome, whimsical, imaginative wrapping with creative use of various media elements including washi tape


Washi tape flags - So Simple & Fun! "Capture your flag to find your seat" escort cards.

Traktatie tip - vrolijke uitdeel kokers! Martha Stewart

Fourth of July Crafts – Fourth of July Party Favors (These are made with mailing cubes, but could also be made with Pringles cans.) Fourth of July Crafts – Fourth…

Brownie in een pot, ingredienten. Zelf nog toevoegen: - 1 theelepel vanille extract - 150 ml zonnebloemolie - 3 eieren. Verwarm de oven voor op 175 graden. Alle ingrediënten goed door elkaar mixen tot een smeuïg beslag. Vet een bakblik in en bestuif het met bloem. Doe het beslag in het bakblik en zet het in de oven. Bak het in 20 á 25 minuten gaar in een voorverwarmde oven op 175 graden.

Brownie in een pot: zoet afscheid.

Birthday Invites

Balloon-in-a-Box Invitation Idea. also a great idea for giving gift cards or tickets to something as gifts :)