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the back side of a glass plaque with words in german and english on it, against a black background
an unopened pack of matches sitting on top of a wooden chair
Spots Tbilisi
Spots Tbilisi on Behance
a pink flag with the word labcom printed on it flying in the blue sky
Trimco Group neck label
there are two pictures one has a sign and the other is a door
a woman wearing a white t - shirt with bar code on it
Satoshi Tomiie - Re-Lick-Ed
Satoshi Tomiie - Re-Lick-Ed (CD) at Discogs
two different screens showing the back and side of a person's body with an image on it
an article about ice loss is featured in the new york times magazine, on display
NASA Article — Layout
Newsletter Animation
an image of some type of brochure that is in the middle of two pages
Sabor a mi - Fashion Branding & Package & Webdesign
Sabor a mi - Fashion Branding & Package & Webdesign on Behance
the back of an egho t - shirt with gold letters on it and a woman in brown shorts
Egho® — Bonfim©
Egho® - Bonfim©
a white shopping bag with the word sok written on it in black ink against a black background
Henrik Nygren—Design — Identity
Henrik Nygren—Design — Identity
a green bag with we got your bac written on the front in white lettering