Katy Sonke

Katy Sonke

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Wat ooit een smalle donkere rijwoning was, is nu een licht en luchtige woning met doorkijkpatroon. Met enkele intelligente toetsen kan je ‘benepen’ rijwoning er plots helemaal anders uitzien. Je kent ze wel, die typisch smalle stadswoningen. In Gent staat het er vol van. CAS architecten zagen niets dan mogelijkheden in deze woning met zijn

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Martin House by BG Architecture Creating a place to sit and enjoy, relax and restore in your home, will pay you MASSIVE lifestyle dividends - and it doesn't take a lot of space to do it. Just let the light in, and add some storage so you get maximum functionality and enjoyment from it. LOVE this. Head to my website at www.undercoverarchitect.com for lots of info, advice and guidance in how to create the perfect home for you. Sign up for my free weekly UA News full of inspiration and ideas.

I like the clean/deep sills, but mainly just the warmth added to the light from the big windows.

Современная сауна Sunhouse 6