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Neat Idea but I've heard rabbits can get bad diseases and Parasites from being kept on the ground. Rabbits can be the King of their bunny kingdom with this easy to make rabbit tower, they can shelter underneath too.

Ława "Wyspa Skarbów"

Outdoor Pallet Bar Carts are hugely popular this season! Grab some wooden Pallets and try making your own!

Amazing Uses For Old Pallets – 50 Pics

Pallet gardening, perfect for gardening within a small space. Always take advantage of empty vertical space--it will leave your balcony or patio looking clean, not cluttered. I frikn love stuff made of pallets!

Maze Haven: Create a horizontal and/or vertical labyrinth of cubby holes, pathways and hideouts for your rabbit to explore. Change just the inside by switching around the panels. This toy feeds into your rabbit’s natural instinct to map surroundings as a survival tactic. You can arrange the maze differently to keep your bunny on her toes.

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Small desk for children (2 to 5 years old) entirely made of recycled pallet wood. Petit bureau pour enfant de 2 à 5 ans entièrement réalisé en bois de palette. #Children, #PalletDesk, #Recycled

Pupitre D'enfant / Pallet Children Desk

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