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the houseplant watering guide is shown with plants and watering tools in it
Infographics - Tonkadale
Plant Trellis 🌱💚
I love it when plants and home decor collide. This suncatcher trellis is better than I ever imagined! 😍 #plants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #planting #plantideas #homedecordiy #homedecortips #homedecoronabudget #home #homedecorinspiration #diy #diydecorating #ad #decoration #decorideas
a glass jar filled with plants sitting on top of a counter
a hand holding a bottle with some black flowers hanging from it's side,
Fredclarkeara After Dark 'Black Pearl'
Want to add the first man-made, nearly pure-black orchid to your collection? Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’ requires bright, indirect sunlight in a moderate to highly humid environment. In the summer, make sure to water it well in preparation for its blooming season. 📷: somanyplants_ on IG
Are your burros tail “beans” falling? Let me help!
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Planting Hacks | Garden Hacks |
You can cut and prop but I’d rather do this instead #planthacks #trailingplants #planttiktok #neonpothosMental health refers to your overall psychological well-being. Anyone can experience mental or emotional health problems that no limitations Check here for more mental health Tips: •
an image of terrarium in a glass jar
DIY Terrarium: A Woodland Version
an image of flowers that are in different colors and sizes, with the words black flowers on
10 Types of Black Flowers -
10 Types of Black Flowers -
Repotting Hack!
🪴🌱 Repotting plants is essential for their growth and well-being! 🏺✂️ It provides fresh soil, room for root expansion, and prevents root-bound issues. 🌿💪 Give your plants the space they need to thrive and watch them flourish! 🌱🌿🌼 Video by Tanner Mitchell
a chalkboard sign that says keep bugs away from the plant these basil mequites and flies