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2001 Space Odyssey

A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick, 1968 A quantum leap for science fiction by the most revolutionary figure to settle here since Karl Marx

2001 Space Odyssey

Sets for A Space Odyssey were created by production designers Harry Lange, Ernest Archer, and Anthony Masters.In this shot, a Louis XVI space also sports contrasting nonlinear pieces that nod to Eero Saarinen.

anish kapoor au grand palais

I was luckily enough to see Anish Kapoor's scultpure at the Grand Palais in Paris last week. Mille merci Marion for the tip.

ishigami, balloon, installation

This angular, helium-filled floating balloon weighing about one ton was created for the atrium of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo by the Japanese architect Junya Ishigami for an exhibition entitled 'Space for Your Future' in