Fruit Pizza - this is one of my favorite summer desserts! Love the sweet cream cheese topping with all the fresh fruit! (recipe for homemade crust and store-bought method included) (cookie pizza recipe)

30 Summer Salads that are quick to eat or enjoy a Hornblower Cruise tonight for dinner in San Francisco, San Diego, Marina del Rey or NYC and leave the cooking to us ;

Crustless Mini Quiches

Mini crustless quiche (or mini frittata or egg muffins) recipe that can modified to include any vegetable or protein you would like. Perfect for a quick and nutritious breakfast

German Oven Pancakes

German Oven Pancakes by thegirlinspired: A family favorite, only 5 minutes to prep, so good. With a little vanilla and lemon, so good! Love that this is in a 9 x 13 pan instead of a cast iron pan!

30 Mug Recipes - Amazing Desserts in the Microwave

30 Mug Recipes - Amazing Desserts in the Microwave - love these for when you don't feel like baking :).How to make a five minute microwave coffee cake in a mug!

(luv this appetizer. You can slice the cucumber cup into small pieces to eat with the tuna or chicken.) Cucumber cups — stuff with tuna or chicken salad for a LOW CARB appetizer.

Appelchips - 2 appels, 2 el citroensap en kaneel. 2,5 uur op 100 graden in de oven.