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an electronic device with ear buds attached to it on the ground next to headphones
Trinket audio tutorial - Make your own E-greetings card
the electronic components are connected to each other
Arduino Talking Clock
Arduino Talking Clock
an electronic device with some wires attached to it
Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal
Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal
an electronic device with multiple components attached to it's back side, on a white surface
Electronic and IoT Kits, tutorials and guides for Makers and Education
Arduino Music Shield
a close up of an electronic device on a white surface
SoundDuino 2 Arduino Sound Card (video)
SoundDuino 2 Arduino Sound Card (video) - The SoundDuino 2 takes the form of an audio shield designed for Arduino development boards and provides the ability to record and play audio sounds in high quality directly from a microSD card. | Geeky Gadgets
an electronic device is sitting on top of a wooden table with wires attached to it
“Simple note” an Arduino musical instrument
Simple note an Arduino piano
two electronic devices are connected to each other
APC’s July 2024 issue is on sale now!
Arduino Project 5: Digital audio player
the arduino sd card mp3 - play mode is connected to an arduino
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
MP3 audio file playback from SD Card with Arduino
an electronic device with many components attached to it
A Voice Shield for Arduino - Give Voice to your Ideas! - Open Electronics
Arduino voice shield
an electronic device sitting on top of a white table next to a black and yellow object
Arduino MIDI-in Shield
Arduino MIDI-in shield
a hand holding a small metal object in front of a computer screen with images on it
Arduino Nano: Ultrasonic Ranger(Ping) With Visuino
Arduino Nano: Ultrasonic Ranger(Ping) with Visuino
an electronic device connected to a breadboard with wires and connectors on the board
Lab: MIDI Output using an Arduino – ITP Physical Computing
Arduino MiDi
an electronic device being used to test the voltages and current on it's board
Inspired by the musical instrument, the Adafruit crew went ahead and designed a pseudo-theremin built around an Atmel-powered Arduino Uno (ATmega328) – combining the board with a light-sensitive cadmium sulfide (CdS) photocell to make a light responsive music machine. #Atmel #Adafruit #Arduino
an electronic device with many wires attached to it
ArduinoでMIDIアナログシーケンサー - 駄記
Arduino Midi
an electronic board with some wires and other things on it, including a clock that is connected