lacy socks

inspiration- ~MORI~ long lacy crochet knee-highs, but i'd like to call them stockings, the word fits them more. they're definitely more victorian-romantic, as opposed to catholic school girl.


need lace undershirt - grey tailored sweatshirt or sweater, nice grey pants (darker than shirt)- warm greys, off with off-white lace - gold jewelry, black saddle/taffy/nude shoes

Lace Sculpture

DIY Crochet Balloons maybe nice for fairy lights

doily clock: pretty unique doily effect clock

Kirie 01 Bamboo Clock

This is an ingenious idea for a wall clock. Personalize the borders with your favorite postcards, pictures from the place you might have been or traveled to. It’s a neat idea for a DIY project.

Doily hubcaps.

These Doily Hubcaps Seriously Rule!

Another yarn bomb! because this is how crochet-ers roll.

Cordon Plate: pretty... via oh joy!

Cordon Plate: pretty... via oh joy!

(Slow) Fashion Revolution |  Bulgaria and Beyond

Balmaseda Tafoni Jacket with Ceca Georgieva handmade cord jewelry Photographed for (Slow) Fashion Revolution Day Bulgaria 2014 (photo by Abigail Doan)