Chinese New Year Craft: Dragon Mask

Lunar New Year Craft: Dragon Mask

Een mooie chineese draak maken met eenvoudige materialen

Year of the Horse 2014 - Chinese New Year Crafts which are a great Horse-themed craft activity for such a holiday for horse-lovers to be entertained indoors.

Numbers in Chinese. Kid makes a # with hand. 2 others compete to say #, phrase with # + m.w. + noun.

Chinese numbers in Mandarin pinyin and hand gestures. This is how one could show different numbers with one's hands in Chinese culture - I used to know all of these when I was little, but have a hard time remembering past 6 now. So useful when you to

Japanese flying carp - koinobori made from toilet roll and tissue paper

Make Your Own: Japanese flying carp

Koinobori (Japanese Flying Carp) DIY from Squirrelly Minds.uses toilet paper tubes and colored tissue.