prachtige bellen, eerst stempelen op papier en daarna met pastels (of krijt) de randen inkleuren.

The Lost Sock : BUBBLES! black construction paper, circle patterns, construction paper crayons, and a bottle of bubbles!

Paper mosaics Kids Craft DIY Construction Paper

Whether it’s at the library, the mall, or the park, every year the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council’s ARTmobile helps foster creativity in thousands…

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317f08d166903e4a3e3e060d435e44ca.jpg 1.200×1.696 pixels

Silhouetten - Maak een foto van de leerling, knip uit en verf zwart. Plak op wit papier met handen en voeten tegen de randen en verf elk vlak in een andere kleur.

Action collages designs: See how you could create ur own; using interesting…

Hot-Air Balloon Perspective

Invallers (achtergrond variabele werkijze of gekleurd papier) Coöperatief? Hot-Air Balloon Perspective - an activity that is fun, colorful, and helps teach perspective

Monsters. Met kleurpotloden tekenen op zwart papier

Here is a sample of some chalk pastel drawings I did. This was a free thought creative exploration.

My Summer Memories Art-Phone: A Back to school Art and Writing creative lesson. Engage children creatively with this Instagram style, 'tech' mobile phone/tablet 'My Summer Memories' first week back, art and writing activity. Children can reflect, and capture a visual essence of their summer break using pictures and words. Cut out and make a fold out booklet style art-phone, and then complete the image making on the front cover and the written elements inside.

Back to School Art & Creative Writing Activity 'My Summer Memories'

My Summer Memories Art-Phone: A Back to school Art and Writing creative lesson…


Homemade puffy paint recipe and instructions- great craft to do with your preschooler to explore fun textures!

Leuke activiteiten met de kinderen doen? 10 goedkope maar leuke zelfmaakideetjes

DIY Craft Halloween Decoration idea for kids - Tissue Box Monsters! Tisdue box, paint, egg carton for eyes. Perfect for preschool or kindergarten halloween party boxes!

Graffiti 2014-2015 - De website van kunstopdemagnolia!

Graffiti 2014-2015 - De website van kunstopdemagnolia!