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In this moodboard we are going to show some examples of stereotypes.
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People from other countries think that Dutch people are very stingy, like that the Dutch people are verry attached to their money, and don't want to spend it on unnecessary things. The products that the dutch people do buy are most of the time very solid and strong products, that they can use for a really long time. This also relates to me, because I don't just buy something. I first want to know what it is, and if the price is right for that particular product. (Kevin Ewalds)


Hockey is an important sport for the Dutch people. The Dutch team did win a lot of prizes. For several years, they where the best of the world. But they are only good at field hockey, and not at the ice hockey. I don't play hockey myself, but I did almost do it at a club. Hockey is for me the national sport of The Netherlands. I like it a lot more than soccer and ice skating. The hockey players don't fall on the ground when somebody touches them, like the soccer players do. (Kevin Ewalds)


The stereotypical Dutch guy wears black/navy blue slippers with white socks. Ten years ago, you saw this a lot, nowadays you don't see this that often anymore. I am really happy that I did never worn this kind of slipper with the white socks. I don't think that it is very practical, it is not that comfortable, and it is so ugly. (Kevin Ewalds)


Dutch people are good at ice skating. They win almost every race that there is. when there is a lot of ice on the rivers you see people Ice skating every where, I personally don't really like ice skating, but it is something very popular in our culture (Joelle).

Dutch people play a lot of soccer. Not only boys play soccer, but also girls play it. You could call it the national sport of the Netherlands. I play soccer as well, and I really like doing this, I can express all my feelings in this sport. (Joelle)

People from other coutries think that it always rains in the Netherlands. But of course this is not true. It just rains a lot, but not always. When it rains all the time, people will not cycle that much. So it doen't rain that much. I totally hate rain, I prefer the sun and good, warm weather. (Joelle)

When I think about a typical Dutch person, I see a tall person with blond hair and blue eyes. But of course there are plenty people that do not have these characteristics, and can still be seen as a typical Dutch person. Besides that, I am also tall, have blond hair and blue eyes. So I see myself as a typical Dutch person. (Kevin Ewalds)

This picture shows how other countires think that a typical Dutch stereotype looks like. But in real life the Dutch people dont look like this at all. It is true that they have things like this. But I never wear wooden shoes, don't use drugs, and I never have tulips in my house. And I do know that I am a typical Dutch guy. It is funny to see that a lot of foreign people think that this is how typical Dutch peole look like. (Kevin Ewalds)

The normal Dutch family goes on holiday with their caravan, to a campsite in France, Spain or Italy. Yes, I also go on holiday with a caravan. I will bring every thing that I also have at home. E.g. "hagelslag", peanut butter, television and so on. Thus the cammping that the dutch people do today is not sleeping in an uncomforable ten, without air conditioning and kitchen. So you can't really call it camping. But I think it is a nice way to spend the holiday. (Kevin Ewalds)

In The Netherlands live a lot of different people form different cultures, multicultural society. There are not many other countries where so many people with different cultures live together. I live in a small village, so I don't really know how it is to live in a village/town with different cultures. (Joelle)