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The Hazel Files: Kawara: Japanese Roof Tiles

Beautiful design

Antique Japanese black ceramic Onigawara roof tile with large face of Oni. Edo period. (Early 19th Century) Size: 22" Wide x 16" High x 6" Deep

EATspeak: Izuju (Kyoto style sushi), a Sumie exhibition and Gion stroll...

japanese roof design - Google Search

Japanese roof details. I adore the distressed feel of the wood and the bargeboard pendant (gegyo) that is hanging under the kawara

Mosaique Decoration Interieure by Patricia Hourcq - nice gallery of work

Blue Swirl Tile

Purple Mosaics

L.A. Mosaic Gifts - handmade mirrors, mosaics and jewellery. Peacock Feather mirror.