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someone wrote this on the wall in their bathroom, and it's really funny
40+ Funny Texts That Show How Easily We Misunderstand Each ...
an article on the internet about cats
Cats in Space (and Other Places)
an image of a computer screen with many lines on the bottom and bottom, as well as
the page is shown with text on it
You shall know me by the sign of the meme (volume 16)
an image of the back of a sign that reads, i don't know what it
White People Twitter
The Only Job I Know Of That You Can Be Mostly Inaccurate And Still Keep Your Job.
the tweet is about to be posted on twitter, and it looks like they are
14 Tumblr Posts That Are Long But Totally Worth The Read
some people are using the same language to describe what they're doing in spanish
Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Confusion