110 camera with flash cubes.

Remember When? Kodak 110 camera with the flash bulb that turned around!

Happy Days

1974 – Happy Days premiered on ABC with & Around The Clock& as its original theme song. The popularity of the television show put Bill Haley& song back .


I clearly remember MacGuyver, and the stupid commercials that said, "what you…

4711 Eau de Cologne. Allebei de Oma's hadden dit in de tas.

Er was altijd wel een flesje in huis. My Dutch grandmother used 4711 and I always loved the way she smelled.


This was before digital cameras. We'd take our pictures and then take the roll of film somewhere to have it developed and prints made. I remember my first camera.a Brownie that took black & white pictures.


Catweazle- tv serie begin jaren Toen vond ik hem maar eng met zijn kikker.

Dia's in plaats van foto's

Remember holidaying @ my great grandparents and having slide show evenings, so much fun!