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a green wire shelf with books, magazines and a garlic on it next to a pink vase
De zussen laten vriendelijk weten dat dit product alleen online verkrijgbaar is. WIRE CUBIC is een mooi rek van Kalager Design. Het is gemaakt van metaal en is 38,5 x 39 x 38,5 cm. "Een kleurrijk en stijlvol kubusvormig rek dat heerlijk veelzijdig is," glimlacht Clara, en ze legt haar boek op het rek, dat de zusjes tussen hun stoelen in de woonkamer hebben gezet. "Gebruik het als bijzettafeltje, nachtkastje of hang het aan de muur. De strakke, industriële uitstraling geeft uw interieur een friss
a white china cabinet with glass doors and flowers on top in front of a yellow wallpapered background
Kinderkamer opruimen
Kinderkamer opruimen | Kinderkamerstylist
a white bench sitting next to a wall with flowers on it and two baskets hanging from the ceiling
Opbergmeubel Bibelotte
Blog #opbergmeubel #opbergmeubels #speelkamer | Bibelotte via Kinderkamerstylist.nl (styling ElinaStyling)
three white and black containers sitting on top of a red and white table cloth next to each other
Doing Goods - Boxes
A perfect catch-all for your little treasures
a large woven basket with tassels and pom - poms on the handles
Mand L met groenbruine accenten
Prachtige #mand van Wonenvoorjou
a pink purse hanging on the wall next to a dresser with various items in it
LET THE CHILDREN DISCOVER THE WORLD OF FAIRY TALES “Oh, the magic of imaginative play,” Clara muses thoughtfully one early morning as she runs her fingers along the spines of the many, many books displayed in the sisters’ sitting room. She had every intention of spending the afternoon weeding out some of the many titles, but soon finds herself drawn into a fairy tale about knights, dragons and faraway kingdoms.
a pink bag hanging on the wall next to a potted plant and coat rack
CREATING A PERSONAL HOME TAKES BOTH STYLE AND CHARACTER Creativity is all about seeing possibilities where others see constraints. The sisters have often reflected on these wise words over the years, and Anna always agrees completely. In her recent quest for new ideas for the home, she has therefore tried to combine patterns and colours which other people might feel clash. This has resulted in a new collection. Use of colours and patterns Delicate hues combined with bright colours, and bold patt
several bags hanging from hooks on a wall
Ravishing Raffia -SS19
Bags in all sizes and colors.
there is a pink wall with hooks on it and some baskets hanging from the shelf
Moroccan rugs | Beni Ourain | Moroccan Carpets | Canada
two white baskets with handles are shown on a white background, one is made from jute and the other is woven
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Kori mand wit, set van twee stuks
a woven basket with a face drawn on the side and ears sticking out from it
BLOOMINGVILLE MINI | Opbergmand beer
an old white trunk sitting on top of a green table next to a planter
≥ grote vintage koffer / kist - Woonaccessoires | Kisten - Marktplaats.nl
MARKTPLAATS | grote #vintage #koffer #kist
a woven basket with eyes and eyelashes on it
Opbergers Kinderkamer - Babykamer, leuke opbergmanden en kratten
Sass & Belle Mand Seagrass Sweet Dreams | #Opbergers voor de #kinderkamer | Dreumes enZo
a white plate with two blue circles on the top and one yellow circle on the bottom
rainbow blue - Ted & Tone
Rainbow #wallhook | Ted and Tone