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English Novel's

Collection by Kie Xie Li


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Kie Xie Li
《Mr. Walton, Please Control Your Love》 I Fall In Love, Falling In Love, Miss Green, English Novels, Never Expect, After Marriage, Take A Shower, Skinny Girls, Awkward

Mr. Walton, Please Control Your Love_She had never expected that she would slept with her deadly enemy, but it turned out to be a good match for both of them. While after marriage, his indifference finally angered her. “You damn bastard!”

《Mr. Walton, Please Control Your Love》

《Smart Cutie: Looking For A Mommy》 English Novels, If I Die, You're Dead, What Is Your Name, Kindergarten Teachers, Free Reading, Will Smith, Reading Online, Memories

Smart Cutie: Looking For A Mommy_Six years ago, she was murdered, falling off a cliff. Six years later, she lost all memories and worked as a kindergarten teacher at an elite school. "Hey, you are a new comer, what's your name?” The cutie said, "Beauty, you asked my name the first time you met me. I think you like me, right? I can tell you my family history. My daddy is single, a tall, handsome, and the richest man in the world. He's also one-woman!" Elsa Smith rolled her eyes. "I'm not interested in your dad!” "So you really like me. It doesn't matter, I just need a child bride!" Miller William yelled, "Go away, you brat! I'll settle the score with your mommy for the past six years!"

《Smart Cutie: Looking For A Mommy》

《Boss William’s Sweet Love》 Tomorrow Is The Day, English Novels, Big Camera, Smiling Man, Let Her Go, Man Standing, Money Today, Your Wife, Take A Shower

Boss William’s Sweet Love_“Our mom is your wife! What? You don't even know your wife has two children?” The cute child looked at him, kindly reminding. He froze for two seconds, and face darkened. Well, well, he wants to see how many things she had hidden from him! It’s time to settle these matters with her. Who is Eva? A bad-looking and silly nymphomaniac? NO! She is a Doctor in criminal psychology, a drop-dead and clever beauty in the world! So, William, I'll see how you treat me. And who is William? A brilliant tycoon! It’s said that he is not only unparalleled in business circle, but also in doting his wife!!!

《Boss William’s Sweet Love》

《Genius Cool Kid: CEO is Too Fond of His Wife》 English Novels, Pale Face, Waiting For Her, Your Voice, Investigations, Awkward, Cool Kids, Things To Think About, It Hurts

Genius Cool Kid: CEO is Too Fond of His Wife_"Boss, our website has been hacked." "Investigate it." "Boss, I brought him here, another miniature version of you."Feng Yichen gritted his teeth when he saw another kid who looked exactly like him. "Little thing, where's your mommy?" The kid was calm. "Old man, be more polite." Feng Yichen smiled coldly with fierce eyes. "Boy, you're just as ballsy as your mommy." The kid didn't deny. "Mommy taught me to be ballsy." Five years ago, in a dark tent, a drunk woman seduced him and then she gave birth to twins and lost one. Five years later, she secretly photographed him, cured his hidden illness abd also stole his heart. However, she then disappeared with his sons. Feng Yichen swore that he would catch that woman and spoil her so much that she would know the price of taking advantage of him.

《Genius Cool Kid: CEO is Too Fond of His Wife》

《Arranged Marriage》 Eyes Looking Down, Looking Back, English Novels, Amber Eyes, Rich Family, Can You Show Me, The Hundreds, Dark Eyes, Lost Money

Arranged Marriage_At a schemed feast held by a rich family, her fiancé sent her to his uncle's bed in order to get his beloved woman. The reporters rushed into the room. "Excuse me, what's your relationship?" Lucas elegantly put his arm around her shoulder with a smile and asked them, "We slept together, so what is the relationship between us do you think?" "Excuse me, Claire, isn't Lucas your fiancé's uncle? Why could you sleep together?" Claire leaned on the arms of Lucas and smiled, "I have an affair. Didn't you see it?" When the reporters left, she clapped his hands and said, "Thank you for helping me punish the scums." He put the ring on her finger and said definitely, "Let jerks get what they deserve." When Bruno saw the purplish blood on the bed, he realized he had lost her. He often went to his uncle's home only wanting to know if she was unhappy. Finally one day, the little cute baby saw him and immediately asked for help, "Cousin, cousin, my parents are fighting." Bruno raised hopes and rolled up sleeves, "Lucas, I won't let you go." The cute little baby immediately stopped him and said, "No, no, no, help my father. Mom is sitting on his body." Bruno could say nothing...

《Arranged Marriage》

《Morris Family’s Naughty Twins》 Sweet Sweet, Love Is Sweet, Black Bentley, Purple Sundress, English Novels, Middle Aged Man, Thunder And Lightning, One Night Stands, Get Excited

Morris Family's Naughty Twins_Jenny was plotted by her sister who wants to give her away to an old man, but she met Morris on the way to escape and has a one night stand with him.

《Morris Family’s Naughty Twins》

《Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife》 First Night, First Time, English Novels, Young And Rich, Having An Affair, More Words, Rich Man, Losing Her, Men Looks

Doting Wife: CEO Of Flash Marriage Is So Overbearing_She lost her virginity for no reason and was seen by others. It wasn't the worst thing, the worst thing was that the one she slept with turned out to be the so-called weirdest rich man, Feng Yimo. In addition, she received a diagnosis of "pregnancy" and married him in a muddle. She accepted the mistake but she hadn't expected that her wired husband would find fault with everything in the name of cleanliness. She could not bear it and decided to fight back but was accidentally moved by his gentleness. When his first love returned and the secret was revealed, she dejectedly decided to leave. "Let's get a divorce!" "Do you still remember the house rules of Feng Family? Rule number one: No divorce!”He didn't even look at her. “Rule number five: If there is a conflict between a couple, the innocent party can sex the guilty party up for a hundred times!" Holy shit, 100 times! She had broken rule number five, like, ten times in a month! In this life, would she ever be able to pay it off? Would she ever be able to leave?

《Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife》

《Aloof Husband, Do not Seduce me!》 Mrs Wilson, Dont Think Too Much, Fair Face, English Novels, Angry Face, When I Grow Up, First Kiss, He Wants, Tell The Truth

Aloof Husband, Do not Seduce me!_Through a deal, she, an imposter, became the cool CEO’s wife. The first time they met, she gave her first kiss and virgin night to him, and satisfied his sexual desires whenever he wanted. But slowly she could not tell whether it was a deal of body or true love... He turned a blind eye to his legal wife. But for her, when she wanted to leave, he forced her to stay at his room all night. When she was angry, he left his legal wife to coax her. When she was sad, he closed the room door to prove his love with actions. She couldn’t stand it and shouted, "We don’t have anything to do with each other anymore. Please don't touch me again. Go find your lawful wife!” He embraced her with his sly grin and untied her shirt buttons. Burying his head in her neck, he vaguely said, “There is no lawful wife. You are my only one wife!"

《Aloof Husband, Do not Seduce me!》

《Her Overbearing Young Master》 Man Pillow, English Novels, Thin Lips, Men Lie, Normal Guys, Getting Drunk, Losing Her, His Eyes

Mr. Overbearing, Please Control Yourself_Yan Anxi got drunk and slept with a man. The next day she left 102 bucks and took off. What, the man she slept with turned out to be the brother of her fiance? As a bet in a big gamble, her fiance lost her to his older brother. Mu Chiyao, the ruler of this city, is cold and evil. Unexpectedly, he married an unknown woman and from then on he’s been with her every night. The outside world guessed that Mu Chiyao, who wielded power over the cooperate world, had fallen into a honey trap. "Why did you marry me?" She asked. "You're perfect for me." Yan Anxi pressed, "In which way? Character? Appearance? Figure?" "Except figure." " ... " Later, she heard that she looked like another woman, a dead woman. Then it was said that she had aborted the baby and that Mu Chiyao had put his hands around her neck. "Yan Anxi, how dare you! "

《Her Overbearing Young Master》

《CEO‘s Mistaken Wife》 Ill Wait For You, English Novels, Marriage Certificate, Blind Dates, Writers Write, Normal Life, Jealousy, Public Relations, Free Reading

My Husband, Warm the Bed!_Barbara thought that she had married an ordinary man, but who knew that this man transformed into the CEO of her company. Not only that, he was also the most mysterious successor of the richest empire in Asia. In front of others, he was the decisive, cold-blooded leader of the business empire. While in front of her, he spoiled her very much.

《CEO‘s Mistaken Wife》

《Rich Mommy‘s Talented Sons》 Feeling Dizzy, English Novels, Women Be Like, Central City, One Night Stands, Triplets, Fair Skin, Smooth Skin, His Eyes

Rich Mommy‘s Talented Sons_A one night stand made her give birth to triplets. While the man who was wrongly regarded as a gigolo was actually a golden bachelor ranking No.1 in the world. Normally, they would have missed each other. Five years later, however, three little talents appeared. They fought with their CEO daddy for the lost happiness of their mom.

《Rich Mommy‘s Talented Sons》

《Strong Husband, Sweet Wife》 Dont Let Her Go, Sister Songs, English Novels, Losing Everything, Good Wife, Another Man, Previous Life, Felt Hearts, You Gave Up

Strong Husband, Sweet Wife_In her previous life, she ignored the courtship of the most noble man in the city but lost everything for a bastard and committed suicide. Reincarnated, she wanted to avenge herself while she did not expect him to change his strategy."Let’s get married!", he said.

《Strong Husband, Sweet Wife》

《Catch His Beloved All Over the World》 English Novels, Calm Down, Losing Her, The Man, World, The World

Wanted! Search for His Invaluable Baby_He is the successor of military power. In an accident, he pressed her on the sofa and tasted her thoroughly. Four years later, she changed into a man's dress and appeared in his world again. She kills all over the business world. She is treacherous and cruel. She wins numerous beauties' hearts with a single movement. She is the trend of the time! He said, "I want to see you in women's clothes." She refused him. The next second, he saw her dancing with other men. Light is breaking through her long hair. Her body next to other man. He was jealous, but he still protected her, spoiled her, and even forced her to marry him step by step. Only wish this life he can be a prison in her heart! After his unremitting efforts, she finally admitted that she had a son. He was excited: "How old is he?" She, "Two years old." Thinking of the accident four years ago, he stormed away, swearing to kill the bastard! She hooked her lips quietly, "Want to marry me? No way! " Unexpectedly, the man turned back and pressed her under his body, "You want to try?"

《Catch His Beloved All Over the World》

《Cute Twins: Mr. Xiao‘s Runaway Wife》 Drunk Last Night, Sleeping Man, English Novels, Very Angry, Biological Father, Never Expect, Cute Twins, Away From Her, Male Hands

Cute Twins: Mr. Clarke‘s Runaway Wife_"Felix, my kids are not yours! Forget it! "Camille had never expected that she would pregnant for the man she hated the most, so she had no choice but to make a quick exit with her kids. Unexpectedly, why would her baby help him? "Daddy, an uncle sent a big bunch of flowers to Mommy."He raised his eyebrow and said calmly, "Don't worry!" "Daddy, an uncle invited Mommy to an expensive dinner." He smiled coldly. "Don't worry!" "Daddy, an uncle wants to take Mommy away!" He went crazy and took the bodyguards to catch up with them. What a naughty woman! It's time to take good care of her!

《Cute Twins: Mr. Xiao‘s Runaway Wife》

《INDULGENT YOUNG MASTER LEE》 Adhd Medicine, Hands Reaching Out, Different Lines, Drunk Woman, English Novels, I Dont Know You, Abba Father, Forget Him, Sisters In Christ

INDULGENT YOUNG MASTER LEE_He was the miracle of business in the city, while she was just an intern, unexpectedly, two different line of life crossed. Three years later when they met, she held his kid to date his younger brother. "You have my kid and want to escape.""No, he is not yours…"


《His Cute Wife Needs a Teaching》 English Novels, Away From Her, Private Parts, Light Eyes, Head And Neck, Male Body, The Man, The Outsiders, Death

His Cute Wife Needs a Teaching_With the company on the brink of death, she was forced to sign a three-year agreement with a man and became his captive lover. She had no emotions and could only ask for it endlessly. Even though she knew that the other party was only looking at her as a toy, she still couldn't stop herself from falling into depravity. After three years, she wanted to leave, but a man grabbed her wrist. His deep voice rang in her ears, "Don't leave. As my woman, I can give you anything you want." She wanted to run, but he kept pressing on. Did he see her as a playmate, or was he really in love with her?

《His Cute Wife Needs a Teaching》