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Fat Burn Tabata Workout

This workout is a Tabata style work and is 16-minutes long (as listed) but can be repeated twice for a 32-minute workout. There are four circuits that you will repeat four times, working for 20

Did You Know You Can Get In A Solid Abs Blast In Fewer Than 5 Minutes? This Workout Proves It! -

Did you know You can get in a solid abs blast in fewer than 5 minutes? The key is keeping your muscles under constant tension the entire time. Your abdominals are endurance muscles in terms of strength. Because your abs help you maintain good posture and help with pretty much every movement you do, it makes sense that these muscles […]

15+ Super Effective Workouts To Tone Your Arms At Home (free videos) -

This is a great collection of workouts to tone your arms. Get rid of arm flab and get stronger. Plus, videos to help keep you motivated.

3 Quick Effective Workouts You Actually Have Time For

An effective workout doesn't have to take hours. When it comes to quick and effective workouts, Tabata is the gold standard.

9 Healthy Habits Of Fit Girls - How To Get Fit And Healthy

If you follow these habits you'll not only get sexy, but you'll get healthy and feel amazing.So stay with me and learn how to STAY FIT AND HEALTHY!

How To Get A Firm Butt While Losing Weight

Everywhere I go I am asked how to grow a firm butt while losing weight. It seems as if they would work against each other but they don't have to. hear me out. I see firm butts, glutes, booty, rump, derriere, posterior, backside, hams and any other name you can think of to label the gluteus maximus. It must be a phenomenon. As a result ...

3 Simple CrossFit Workouts Anyone Can Try - Running on Real Food

Build strength and improve conditioning with these simple yet challenging CrossFit-style workouts anyone can do with basic equipment and a stopwatch.

Core #Workout

In order to strengthen your core and get fabulous abs keep reading. Well there's some things you can do to make that a reality. First head over and read how to get rid of belly fat for good. After reading that let me first share the parts of the abs these workouts will be working. Muscles In The Abs And Core First and foremost abs consist ...

20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout for Women

One of my personal favorite workouts on the blog: Full Body HIIT Workout For Women! It's a full body workout that combines HIIT with weights -- which means t...