Some Kind of One-derful: Art - Learning about Kandinsky

OK, so I make the tree at AES, and the students make the Kandinsky circles.Based on Kandinsky Circles. Might be a fun classroom project. Teacher cuts out (or paints! Students create the circles for the branches.

Jackson Pollock kunstlessen - thema kunst in de Activitheek van

Jackson Pollock Art Lesson for Kids

Use Miro as a foundation for a line art lesson...great way to start the year...with the elements of art

Use Miro as a foundation for a line art lesson. Lesson by artist including Hundertwasser.

painting like Michelangelo

painting like Michelangelo. Instead of just having sketching time- discover and study Michelangelo, how he hanged upside down while painting. This is also great for students struggling with fine motor hand writing. It builds strength in pincer grasp.

Docentenhandleiding Vincent en Theo  groep 3-6 van gogh museum amsterdam    klokhuis:

Bezoek het museum over Vincent van Gogh - in Amsterdam - Van Gogh Museum