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an image of a computer screen with people in the background and a speech bubble above it that says do i have a right?
This site allows students to work their way through the government system. There are games where the students have to get laws passed by a majority vote and there are also games where the students have to use their knowledge of the constitution to decide if they have certain rights. This is definitely a great social studies site!
the social studies doodle notes are shown with text and pictures for each student to use
FREE! Doodle Fold - The Constitution - Chapter 14 History Alive for INB
FREE Doodle Notes all about THE CONSTITUTION - so fun and engaging - free printable plus powerpoint to show the Key!
an info sheet describing how the electrical college works and where it is located in the united states -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspmybetanyc Resources and Information.
How The Electoral College Works
a man with blonde hair is looking at the camera
Watch Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration, Social Sciences
Terrific short Teacher Tube video explaining the American colonists' view: set to the music of "Too Late to Apologize."
a man wearing sunglasses standing in front of a bridge with two other men behind him
Three Branches Rap - Smart Songs
THE THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT RAP SONG~ There are never enough ways to teach this fundamental lesson. Music is just one more tool in the kit!
an image of a paper with writing on it and the words try try again written below
The Mailbox
Articles of Confederation vs Constitution
a group of young men standing in a hallway with their instruments and wearing school uniforms
Bill of Rights (Shake it off)
Bill of Rights (Shake it off) - YouTube
a hand holding a magnifying glass over a piece of paper with the words historical scene investigating it
Make Classes Fun By Teaching History CSI Style
My favorite, “I Smelt a Rat! Constitution Controversy” asks students to look at the men who did not sign the Declaration of Independence.
an open book with pictures on it and the title page in red, black and white
Constitution Facts and Foldable Organizers
Great for Constitution Day! This FREE download contains ten interesting facts and two foldable graphic organizers about the U.S. Constitution.
the bill of rights playlist for students to create a playlist for each member
Bill of Rights or First Ten Amendments Song Playlist Fun Activity Lesson
This activity is always a class favorite and it's a great way to get students processing the first 10 amendments of the U.S. constitution. Students create 10 fictional song titles, artist names and album names for each of the first 10 amendments. This is fun to do in groups or as a class too!The activity is completed on a giant i-Phone template format.
a blank paper with the words, what is it? part 2 and part 3
Free Constitution Primary Source Graphic Organizer
an interactive game that's your right to learn how to read and understand things
Annenberg Classroom
the bill of rights is shown in black and white
Free Patriotic Printables (Historical Documents)
Free printable copy of the Bill of Rights, from