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an open agenda book on top of a white furnishce surface with the words,'agendaio de unhas cliente'written in spanish
Agenda Personalizada para Manicure
an organized desk with lots of pens, markers and pencils on it's drawers
a white desk with two chairs in front of it and bottles on the wall behind it
Spa w stylu tajskim -
a room that has some chairs in it and a tv on top of the wall
Incomplete - Chapter 11
a desk with two lights on top of it
the shelves are filled with many different types of items
Private label shampoo kit with brush
Organisation, Make Up Collection, Dressing Table, Make Up, Makeup Collection Storage, Diy Makeup Storage, Makeup Room, Makeup Vanity, Makeup Area
化妝品總是亂丟?看看美妝博客怎麼整理他們的化妝品...超想要她們的化妝櫃! | GirlStyle 女生日常