Brilliant and has me smacking my head in one of those "of course" moments - Seal a plastic bag with the top of a water bottle or any plastic bottle and the lid.

Re-use plastic bottle tops to tightly seal food bags. Cut off wide-mouth plastic bottle top just at crest. save the cap. slip over bag opening. top toward the open end. Fold bag over bottle mouth. cap with re-used bottle top. easy to seal and pour!

Osterei mit Chick und grüne Polka Dots Bildschirm Türhänger

Easter Egg with Chick and Green Polka Dots Screen Door Hanger Bright Easter Egg Screen Door Decor Wreath Easter Door Hanger, Easter Chick

Je bent een kei. Beschilder voor Vaderdag een mooie steen met een lieve tekst. Leuk voor op zijn bureau / werktafel. Budget knutselen, tip van Speelgoedbank Amsterdam voor kinderen en ouders.

For us dutch speakers:) kei van een cadeau Actually, in english you could say 'you're a/my rock'

DIY Cardboard box road

You will need to find a box but everything else can be found at the toy library. The Imagination Tree: Small World Play: Cardboard Box Town

Leuk gedicht voor moederdag. Vervang hartje voor het woord moeder/ mama

My heart is sweet. My heart is beautiful. My heart is funny. My heart is happy. My heart: That are you ♥

I got no ♥ of silver. I got no ♥ of gold. But I got a ♥ that loves you so much!

I got no ♥ of silver. I got no ♥ of gold. But I got a ♥ that loves you so much!

How to: watermarble nails

Video: Use water and nail polish to marble your nails. Very cool, and a really good video.

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