How to make a scratch off card like a lottery ticket--This would be a very fun reward for good behavior! how cute is this...

DIY Scratch Off Lottery Ticket - So cool! My 6 year old son is fascinated with lottery tickets. This could be a fun reward system.

10 Unusual Uses for Your Microwave

10 Things You Didn't Know Your Microwave Could Do

Learned some handy tips - Soften, toast, peel, clean. The microwave does a lot!

Doe een paar druppels geur-olie (citroengras) op de binnenkant van de toiletrol en je hebt de hele tijd een frisse geur in het toilet of in de badkamer.

What a great idea! Put a drop of your favorite essential oil on toilet paper roll to make your bathroom smell good.


The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. How smart is this? Photocopy the back of the item you want to hang, and then use the copy as the template of where to dr

Very clever idea for rubberbands.........

Wrap rubber bands over hanger ends to help prevent slippage of clothing off the hanger. I'm thinking this could work for plastic, wire and wooden hangers alike. Blue Velvet Chair: Clever Household Tips

mosquito bite remedy

Best mosquito bite remedy ever

mosquito bite remedy - rub bar soap on the it works for leg cramps and mosquito bites? good to know.

Will have to try this! >>> How to keep flies away when eating outside. Lemons and whole cloves.

Lemon halves covered with whole cloves -- keeps flies away from table. Put out about 30 minutes before eating. BTW - we place dryer sheets under outdoor table linens to keep wasps away while eating. Really works! (My Creative Time)

How to cover old flats with cute fabric.

I have shoes that NEED this! DIY Revive old shoes. Things needed: Old flats - check, Fabric (need), Scissors (check), Outdoor Mod Podge (hmm), Brush & Exacto Knife(check)