Giant Squid Catalina (Courtesy Lovecraft Museum Natural History) Google Image Result for

In days gone by, sailors would return with tales of Giant Squid sinking ships. They also came back with tales of beautiful Mermaids. Perhaps they exist - there is a conspiracy theory about this;

Giant squid caught | You wouldn't miss this giant sea creature for squids |

Al McGlashan, a prominent big-game fisherman in Australia, ventured to sea Friday in search of tuna and swordfish. The highlight, however, was the bizarre discovery of a fresh giant squid carcass.

Cephalopods need heart emoticon too!

This Valentine’s Day remember cephalopods need love too! And if you are in the Pacific NW give some love to the indigenous tree octopus.

Vampire Squid. By: fouramegous (doesn't he look like he's made of leather?)

The vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) is a deep-sea cephalopod, up to 30 cm long, found in the temperate and tropical oceans. It shares similarities with both squid and octopuses and is regarded as a living fossil.


Octavio Octopus Saudi Blue Artwork: Beach Decor, Coastal Home Decor, Nautical Decor, Tropical Island Decor

These ostentatious cephalopods: | 13 Times Ernst Haeckel Was The Greatest Scientific Illustrator Ever

These Science Drawings Are Hauntingly Lovely

Umbrella Squid (Histioteuthis bonnellii). #SciArt from Carl Chun The Cephalopoda translated by Albert Mercado (1975). Contributed for digitization by Smithsonian Libraries (@silibraries) to #BiodiversityHeritageLibrary. #UmbrellaSquid #Squid #Cephalopod #Cephalopoda #BHLib #Biodiversity #NaturalHistory #NatHist #ScientificIllustration #ScientificArt #OpenAccess #Libraries #Archives #SpecialCollections

The Cephalopoda: Scientific results of the German deepsea expedition on board the steamship Valdivia Carl Chun, translated from the German by Albert Mercado.

Voyage de la Corvette L'Astrolabe

The Astrolabe Molluscs Hand-coloured illustrations of invertebrate marine animals from the phylum Mollusca, collected during a French expeditionary voyage in the

A guide to cephalopod appendages. Art by Mark Belan

Hamilton, Canada artist Mark Belan worked with members from the Royal Ontario Museum back in December 2015 to create Tentacles and Beaks of Cephalopods, a fascinating art print that explains the &