Fabric basket tutorial. Need to make a bunch of these!

“Friday fabric craft ideas for all you lovely people today - a fabric basket love it!

fix skinny jeans (or any jeans) that are too big.

fix skinny jeans (or any jeans) that are too big. a good thing to know if you lose weight but don't want to splurge on tons of new jeans! ***lose weight, buy new jeans.

10 Clothing Fixes that Everyone Should Know

8 Need-to-Know Clothing Fixes

10 Clothing Fixes That Everyone Should Know (Tutorials): How to Sew on a Button, How to Mend a Ripped Seam, How to Repair a Broken Zipper, Replace a Missing Zipper Pull, and more.

Old T-shirts

Cut Up an Old T-Shirt Into a Tie-Front Tank (website has 31 easy DIY project ideas). I can see cutting up the side for a side tie.

Adorable Blue Circle skirt tutorial

Kira Kira Adams Blue Circle Skirt ~ Tutorial on refugee crafter. Dana's (danamadeit) circle skirt with her layered ruffle skirt. Would never have thought to do that. I like the idea of keeping them separate for mixing and matching.

DIY : Recycling Old Jeans to Skirt

DIY Jean Skirt clothes skirt jeans diy craft ideas diy ideas fabric diy clothes diy skirt when I get a sewing machine

{DIY Sewing Cards} Beginning Sewing Projects for Kids


Make your own DIY sewing cards for beginning sewing projects for kids. Practice sewing with a darning needle before you start your first sewing project!

8 Retro Vintage Aprons ... for VALENTINE'S

A Flirty Aprons Giveaway! Win an apron (of your choice!) from Flirty Aprons!