map of the mind - Have students create their own mental map - maybe a first of the year activity

A map of my life. (Although I’m sure it applies to pretty much any writer/artist/musician/creator of things.) “A Mental Map” illustrated by Anne Emond

Una de las estrategias para organizar ideas creativas es los Mapas Mentales

Behold, the Awesome Science of Mind Mapping (an infographic for teaching/using mindmapping)

"Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare

'Life In Five Seconds:' Read 7 Classic Books In 35 Seconds

I love this oversized notebook for mind-mapping nad list-making!!

The Big Ideas Notepad: 100 Brainstorming, Mind-Mapping & Awesome Idea-Generating Sheets by Mary Kate McDevitt

Mindly: Attractive & simple mind-mapping app for iOs.

'Mindly' App helps to organize your inner universe. Give a structure to your thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, take notes.