The shah of Iran

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“#colorization #رنگبازی روزی روزگاری؛ رضا خان سردار سپه، وزیر جنگ. عکس: آنتوان سوریوگین”

Royal Family of Iran Mohamed Reza Pahlavi and his wife Farah

Mohammad Reza Shah & Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi Photo Album 5 – Ahreeman X

Shah and Farahnaz, St. Farah Diba, Iran Pictures, Pahlavi Dynasty, The Shah Of Iran, Persian Pattern, King Of Kings, King Queen, Light Photography, Famous People

عکس‌های از خانواده پهلوی (۲) | Foundation for Iranian Studies

Empress Farah Diba and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

Farah Diba with Mohammed Pahlavi