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5 dingen om onmiddellijk mee te stoppen

5 dingen om onmiddellijk mee te stoppen 1 and 5 no good i promes to change that

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The one who falls and rises is much stronger than the one who never falls teksten

YES. because the people whom i admire the most, the ones who *truly* pursue what they want & live what they believe. aren't the ones who talk about it all the time. they're not the ones spouting inspirational quotes, or listening to the latest motivational speakers. they have quietly and steadily put their hands & minds & feet to the trenches.

Don't tell people your dreams. Show them. Actions speak louder than words, so rather than thinking about your goals, start acting on them!

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Waarom zou het meteen moeten lukken als er herkansingen bestaan?

Het gaat er niet om of je de beste bent, het gaat erom dat je beter bent dan gisteren!

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