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an image of the inside of a cave with sunlight coming in from the entrance to it
The Most Spectacular Places In Europe
Benagil Cave #Algarve #Portugal
two people are walking up some stairs near a waterfall
Levada walking on Madeira
Levada walking on Madeira Island, Portugal
an aerial view of people swimming in the water
Madeira: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor
an outdoor market with lots of vegetables and people standing around it in front of the building
Funchal Market Hall
One of the best things about city life, a place like this. Madeira, Portugal - Funchal Market Hall, via Flickr.
a path that is lined with trees and moss growing on the side of each other
Tree Tunnel, Maderia, Portugal
a path in the woods with moss growing on it's sides and stairs leading up to
Forest Path, Madeira, Portugal
the water is very clear and blue with rocks in front of it, as well as an island
Portugal · Madeira
people are sitting on the rocks near the water and swimming in the pool at the beach
Trip Ideas
These natural pools in Porto Moniz, #Madeira are filled by tides from the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by lava rocks.