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no 38 130624
Voor de lekkerste huisgemaakte taart, vers gemalen Spaanse koffie en heerlijke ontbijtjes & lunch
no 38 130624
Finn's 120624
Voel je welkom bij Finn's
Finn's 120624
Broodcafe Jaap 110624
Home - Broodcafé Jaap
Broodcafe Jaap 110624
Coffeelicious 100624
Coffeelicious | koffie - ontbijt - lunchroom - high tea - cake
Coffeelicious 100624
Den Witten Haen 100624
Lunchroom Den witten haen
Den Witten Haen 100624
there is a cup of coffee on the saucer next to some containers with food in them
Hazel 070624
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a white plate next to a chalkboard
casual neighbordhood bistro
Caleocafe 060624
the interior of a coffee shop with flowers on display
Le Parallele 050624
there is a cup of coffee next to a newspaper and a plate with some food on it
casual neighbordhood bistro
Caleo Cafe 050624
the outside of a restaurant with flowers in front of it and on the outside, there is a bowl of food
Remise Dordrecht: Vaste Halte voor iedereen! - Remise Dordt
De Remise 030624
there are pictures of different restaurants and signs in this collage, including the restaurant's logo
Duinvermaak Bergen 020624
there is a cup of coffee and a potted plant hanging from the wall next to it
Kaldi Alkmaar 020624
several pictures of different plants and flowers in the wildflowers, grasses, and water
Hortus Alkmaar - Een prachtige botanische tuin in Alkmaar
Hortus Alkmaar 020624
several pictures of goats and sheep in their pen
Kinderboerderij Rekerhout 020624
there are pictures of different things on the table and in the background is a cup of coffee
Het Magazijn 010624