What do ties say about you? A lot! Your tie is your tool to stand out, to have credibility and to support your professionalism. Whereas ladies can wear a bold bright coloured jacket to support their image, your tie is your tool to support your image.
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Jeroen Overbeek is now wearing a tie which supports his professionalism. Beautifully patterned in a solid color.

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jeroen-overbeek looks fashionble in his suit with this pale light blue tie. But if one has to take him more seriously he should wear a patterned tie in a bold bright color, like violet.

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If Rick Nieman, Dutch presentator, wants to be and to look professional, he should wear a bright colored tie; peacock blue with yellow stripes for example.

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Aqua pale blue tie of Mark Rutte. Too pale for a serious message. A striped bright blue with a yellow would be better for him.

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Blue solid tie with blue solid suit and white solid shirt. Please stand out Mark and wear a patterned bright coloured tie. Keep the patterns small for a serious effect.

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Koningspaar dineert met regeringsleiders

NSS top at The Hague, March 24, 2014. Obama's tie says: I want to be a teamplayer with the top. King Alexander's tie says: hey, I am optimistic about thhis all and I want to participate in this with from an intelligent point of view.

Mark Rutte opent nucleaire top Den Haag

Obama chooses for the NSS top on 24th March 2014 for a light clear blue tie. This tie tells: I want to be a teamplayer with the rest of the top.

You can wear these ties with a summer tan suit.

Wilfred Genee does not need to wear a tie in his RTL show. A classy casual outfit matches his message. This bold blue suits him fantastic. In combination with his white shirt, he looks professional and credible.

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