car wash

Bubble Bath Toy Car Wash for Kids

A toy car wash keeps the kids busy every single time. Car wash was my favorite game as a kid, although I used wooden blocks to drive through my car wash making all the noises as I went:)

Racing tubes

Science/Small Manip - Creative "racetrack" for cars. Creates a secure platform for children to race cars down the ramps. Children could extend this to use different items (balls, blocks, marbles) to see how quickly different objects roll down the ramps.

Such fun ideas for inside "sand" play - great for winter

Under Construction Sensory Box Create a construction site right in the living room! Grab a storage bin, fill with rocks and look around for any hard hat type machinery from the bottom of the toy box, under the bed, our outside. Sit back and watch your chi

Nijntje op de fiets, digitaal prentenboek voor kleuters

Miffy Rides a Bike: Miffy dreams about getting her first bike. Find out who she plans to visit and how fast she will ride. Miffy Rides a Bike reminds children of their own experiences.

Geschiedenis van het Verkeer te Land by Erik Nitsche

Erik Nitsche - History of Land Transportation (dustjacket) First Edition, Hawthorn Books, Volume 7 in The New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention.