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Reach new depths while #Spelunking in the heart of Jackson, Alabama. #Wanderlusting #SummerofDoing

The Neversink Pit Sinkhole in Alabama. The Neversink Pit Sinkhole is located near Scotsboro, Alabama. It is a natural limestone cavity leading to a cave network. The hole is 40 feet wide at its opening.

Canyoneering in Australia, these people are definitely thrill-seeking

An abseiler descends a waterfall in the Valley of the Waters. Katoomba, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA Empress falls

Trust your instincts, your intuition, be the free one, the one who just leaps in trust ;) www.zettasurf.com

I love cliff jumping! What a rush! Best places for this so far are North Shore Kauai, the Rogue River Oregon, and Laguna Beach.

In times of great stress and great joy, you are completely surrounded by loved ones in the unseen who adore and support you, wanting to share whatever you're experiencing. So at those times, if you can remember to be calm and quiet and go within, you'll feel them, you'll remember them, and you'll benefit most from their presence.

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how awesome is this!!!!

Daredevil Scott Mason, pioneered the astonishing extreme sport by paragliding next to birds of prey in streams of thermal air then inviting them to land on his arm.

Neversink Pit, near Scottsboro, Alabama

You were once able to hike into the cave. But, current land owners do not allow the public in. Neversink Pit, near Scottsboro, Alabama photo by Brian Masney.