Tape painting

fun kid art project idea - masking tape then paint in the lines. What I might do more - have 2 canvases, let the kid paint one any way, spray pain the other & do with lines.

Schilderen met een saladedroger

Need to find a cheap salad spinner! Spin Art Craft- paint with salad spinner, fine motor, strength, shoulder girdle, bilateral integration

rainbow color page

8 Rainbow Crafts for St. Patty's Day

rainbow color page - ununun I don't know if I know what that will mean, but I don't know how to describe my plan. ~~~~~ (That works, I guess)

Materials  large sheet of sturdy weight paper  acrylic paints shallow dish or paper plate assortment cylindrical containers such as paper cups toilet paper roll, bottle caps, marker lids, round blocks, corks, plastic container.  Pour paints into paper plates or shallow dish.  Print away :-)

Large sheet of sturdy weight paper acrylic paints shallow dish or paper plate…

in een deksel van een kartonnen doos een zwart vel ( even klein stukje plakband aan de korte zijden tegen het verschuiven) kloddertjes verf op brengen en dan met een flinke knikke rollen.....geweldig effect! ( fluoriserende kleuren zijn natuurlijk helemáál gaaf) kan ook met alleen wit!

we read the book, "Action Jackson" about Jackson Pollock. Then, each student used a box lid, black paper, neon paint and marbles to create two action paintings.

gekleurde sterren voor op het raam

very neat but you need to buy "kite" paper. I will try it with other paper but I think it needs to be kite in order to be see through for the window. no window then maybe you can use whatever paper?They're pretty!

Rainbow Mosaics!

Bridging Ceremony Craft-Rainbow Mosaics, Add girls picture on red dot