yarn wrapped around a wood block = stamp.

print & pattern: BOOK - print workshop Yarn wrapped around a wood block to make stamp

Bottle caps @Evangeline Royer--for your next installation!!!

What a fun way to recycle plastic bottles and bottle caps! This artist makes art from waste, she makes incredible (self) portraits using bottle caps.

A treasured painting by Paul Klee is the basis for this whimsical tale about a cat and a bird, and about the themes of freedom and friendship. A cat lives in a house filled with toys, but everyday she dreams of being free like the bird she watches through the window. Finally with the bird's help, she is able to escape and dance on the roofs of the city by moonlight.

Paul Klee was different from other artists, his sarcastic wit being one difference! Learn more about this artist with 10 Paul Klee Art Projects for Kids.