Hutspot met klapstuk

In love with this website ! The Dutch Table: Hutspot met klapstuk (Dutch carrot mashed potatoes with braised beef)


stroopwafel / syrup waffle / strup waffle is placed on top of the hot cup in order to soften it up; the filling melts, and scents of cinnamon and nutmeg are released into the air.


This is what we call a Bitterbal. It's like a Kroket but smaller

Boerenkool met echte worst

Boerenkool met echte worst

Boerenkool stamppot - make potato mash of 800 grams potatoes, cook 400 grams of kale and mix together with the mash. Serve a nice gravy and sausage with it (I lived abroad a while, polish sausage comes close to the Dutch Rookworst - but any kind will do!


Wat is balkenbrij en hoe maak je balkenbrij?

Hollandse garnaaltjes mogen niet ontbreken tijdens een etentje!

Hollandse Garnalencoctail -even though I am vegan, I make an exception for these now and then!

Zeeuwse oesters

Zeeuwse oesters


The Dutch Table: Bear Claw, a meatball sliced up with onion rings in between. I hated them.