This is easier than water balloons - and the fun can go on for hours!

How to Make Sponge Bombs

How to Make Sponge Bombs . Sponge Bombs are a great alternative to water balloons. There are no messy balloon bits to clean up, and the sponge bombs can be used again and again. These sponge bombs are great for active playtime fun all Summer long!


Super cute handprint craft to show child's growth :) Great keepsake. Trace your child's hand at every birthday and see it grow. Glue one to the other, but do not glue them down to the mat. (That way you can add next years hand to the back).

Templates for superhero logos--never know when I might need these

Super heroes are hot right now! Decorate your child's room with superhero logos to add to the fun! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Box + Crayons = a quiet activity for a Two Year Old  :) - putting your kid in a box?  Seems legit - D

Box Crayons = Zen Activity for Two Year Old *Maybe modify by cutting adding a door! Putting a two-year-old in a box looks questionable ~ Haha!

Number coloringpages. Free download!

Christmas Color By Numbers Worksheets

Thought these would be fun to have out for some of the older kids will also print some regular color sheets just as a "busy" type activity that can do while watching the movie

potty train in 3 days

Potty Train in 3 Days. Its worth a shot, i would love to be done with diapers! A pinner says: IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I can't believe my little girl was fully potty trained in only 3 days, AMAZING!

Je bent een kei. Beschilder voor Vaderdag een mooie steen met een lieve tekst. Leuk voor op zijn bureau / werktafel. Budget knutselen, tip van Speelgoedbank Amsterdam voor kinderen en ouders.

je bent een kei-steen/ in het inglish: You are my rock

Piratenfeest: heel veel ideeën en inspiratie! - Feestprints #piraten #piraat

Piratenfeest: heel veel ideeën en inspiratie

Piratenfeest: heel veel ideeën en inspiratie! - Feestprints #piraten #piraat