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Everyone thinks that every Dutchman likes to eat a lot of cheese. Sometimes Dutch people are therefore called 'cheeseheads' by foreigners.

People form other countries think that Heineken is the only popular beer in The Netherlands.

People from other countries, especially those who are in contact with Dutch tourists, think that Dutch people are very cheap. They have a saying in Dutch, namely 'Kijken, kijken, niet kopen.' which basically means that Dutch people look at much things for sale, but don't buy any. Personally, even though it is a stereotype for the Dutch people, I think there is some truth in this.

Wooden shoes (or clogs), this is a typical product associated with the Dutch population. The stereotype is that all Dutch people supposedly wear wooden shoes, while the vast majority of our population certainly does not.

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Another stereotype for Dutch people is that they all do drugs.

Sports. Spain has the best soccer team in the world. A huge amount of the people in Spain love the sport, but there are exceptions !

Party, Spanish people like fiesta, they take on every opportunity to celebrate. There are also Spanish people who do not like to party

Macho! According to other countries Spanish man pretend to be macho's, they think they are good looking. Unfortunately for the Spanish, not everybody is good looking

Untrustworthy, people, and business people in Spain are not to be trusted.

Lazy. The well known Spanish expression, Maniana, which stand for 'tomorrow' is an indicator of the laziness in Spain. fortunately there are also hard working people in Spain