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This would be awesome out in the yard

Floor lamps | #interiordesign #lamps #lightinginspirations light inspirations, wall lamp, floor lamp. See more at http://www.brabbu.com/en/inspiration-and-ideas/category/trends/interior

The Louis lampshade, by Matthias Decker from Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, is a flexible LED lighting system suited to home or office.

Chart of the Spanish Minor scale patterns on the guitar fretboard. Also known by its Catholic Church name Phrygian Mode, works against both Major and Minor, the clashing notes providing it with its unique character or color. When used to extend the Blues scale, it becomes a staple of Metal, especially 1980's Thrash Metal.

leather and canvas backpack #075 on Behance

Cheat sheet

HPG/Fowler | DIY Bikini Frame

External Frame Backpacks – Applying the Old Ways to the New Journeys – Edit

From Far Eastern Russia comes this primitive backpack design called a “Flyer” or "Pогулек" ~ Follow link for further fascinating info and graphics on the more primitive external frame packs, including a video on the Pогулек.