Poppytalk: The Art of the Display: Could do this in the foyer during the winter months

The Art of the Display: Things Piled Un-Neatly

Nice way to store and display firewood in the home

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I would have this rack outside in the garden, nect to outdoor kitchen . (Source : TIBAS openhaarden & kachels Decoracion sala comedor Hierro Estanteria Diseño Almacenaje de troncos madera chimenea is creative inspiration for us.

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Cordwood and fat wood storage.

Взгляд на собственную поленницу вызывает душевные муки?

A few months ago, I saw these little gems in a catalog. But the prices were unbelievable. One of my favorite restaurants here in Oak Cliff uses wall-mounted plumbing pipe as "log wranglers" an.

Металлическая дровница для камина от производителя. Подставка под дрова для домой и коттеджей.

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en a beer and relax. Where better to do this than outside on your patio watching the sun set? Throw this lounge chair in the mix and you're all set.

Pipe and wood make a firewood storage system, great to put in the garage near the firewood box for restocking Pin this for when we have a fireplace :-)