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Shelter in Place Kits – How Duct Tape and Plastic can Save Your Life - emergency

This would definitely save your life. The Shelter in Place kit is not one you need to end up utilizing on the off chance that you can help it.

Match Wood Grain

Whether you're banding a tabletop or making a picture frame, make sure the wood color and the grain pattern match at the miters. Selecting matching wood at the lumberyard takes only a few extra seconds and gives you much better-looking miters.

23 Annoying Noises and How to Eliminate Them Forever

Gutter Drips Is that dripping noise in your downspout forcing you to keep your bedroom window closed at night? Tie a synthetic rope onto one of the gutter hangers and run it down into the downspout. Drops of water will cling to the rope and flow down inst