Schilderijen Irene Kramer.

Olieverfschilderijen van Irene Kramer. Realistische voorstellingen van verschillende inspiratiebronnen op klein en groot doek. Koeien, herten, dieren…
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an oil painting of koi fish and lily pads
Schilderij Koi Karpers, afm 60 x 100, Irene Kramer.
a painting of a cow with two tags on its ears
Rosie, afm 50 x 50.
Schilderij Irene Kramer, lichte koe op bruin
a painting of a dog sitting down with its tongue out
Choco 40 x 50, olieverf op waterbasis.
two white goats with large horns are standing side by side in front of a black background
Bokken, afm 40 x 40, olieverf.
a painting of a lighthouse on top of a building
Afm 23 x 30 olieverf
a painting of a dog sitting in front of a purple background and looking at the camera
Afm 80 x 80 Olieverf
a painting of a bird sitting on top of a piece of wood with green background
Mus in groen.
Mus afm 23 x 18, olieverf ingelijst in warm grijze baklijst.
two framed paintings of birds on a tree branch with purple flowers in the back ground
Vogels in de tuin!
Koolmees en mus, afm 18 x 23, olieverf ingelijst in baklijst.
a painting of a brown cow on a white background
Koe in bruintinten, afm 70 x 70, olieverf op waterbasis/Acryl.
three pictures of a black and white cow
Schilderij Koe zwart wit, afm 160 x 80.
an oil painting of a bull with horns on it's head, standing in front of a white wall
Schilderij Schotse Hooglander, 120 x 80.
a painting of a deer with large antlers on it's head and green trees in the background
Schilderij Hert in donker bos. Afm.90 x 90. Olieverf op waterbasis
a painting of a white cat with green eyes
Cat, oilpaint, Schilderij kat Pucky, olieverf op 50 x 40 cm 3d doek.
three decorated plates sitting on top of a black table next to a white plate with pink frosting and colorful candies
Schilderij servies met confettini's, 50 x 50.
a painting of a clock tower in the water
schilderij watertoren Aalsmeer, 30 x 90