Week 3a - Emergence from scale figures -- A short break at the rim of the fountain. What are these people pondering over? Their day at work? The children that need to be picked up from school? Each other?

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Week 4a - Complexity clarified. -- I'm interested in genealogy but remote family relationships can be very complex. With this animation I tried to clearify this, I used the animation to guide the observer through the diagram, although after some study the static diagram would also clarify the concept of "removed cousins".

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Week 5 - Style and expression. -- I completely restyled the comparison I made in week 2. Instead of arranging a bunch of borrowed or self-made photographs I drew all the pictures by hand (on the computer) in a childish way. This is because my handdrawing skills are not highly developed but also to show that a complicated concept can be presented in a "simple" way. I hope, however, that I did not oversimplify things and that the meaning is still clear.

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Week 3b - Emergence from scale figures: zoom out. -- The fountain turns out to be a lens filter with two tiny figures on the rim.

Week 4b - Complexity clarified -- A static version of the animation. The different colours are used to distinguish the "first", "second", etc. cousins. The horizontal bars represent the different generations and thus the "remoteness".

Week 1 - Cultural bias. -- Figure out which statement is true!

Week 2 Comparison. I hope the image doesn't need further explanation. (High jumper, Mars and Mt. Everest pictures from Wikipedia, distance in Paris and across Africa from Google Earth)

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